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With the project already concluded, WHEYSAN was represented with a poster by partner DIT at the 43rd Annual Food Research Conference
held the 10th and 11th of December 2014 at the Institute of Food and Health University College Dublin in conjunction with SafeFood.
This conference focuses on providing opportunities to young scientists to present their research.

Partner DIT presented at this conference a poster titled “The potential influence of whey for the post-harvest preservation of
nutritional value, antioxidants and shelf-life in fruits and vegetables”, through which WHEYSAN results were shared with the rest of

There they explained how the purpose of the WHEYSAN project was to fully investigate the potential of whey, a by-product from the
production of cheese industry to act as a nutraceutical solution for some of the issues that the food industry currently faces, and how
the project addresses the problems of whey production management, the postharvest treatment of fruits and vegetables (F&V) and helps
replace chlorine as a sanitizer to avoid the possible formation of carcinogenic chlorinated compounds in water.

The poster reflected how whey and its derivatives have shown promising results as an alternative preservative to chlorine for retaining
the nutritional quality of F&V. Various whey samples from different sources were processed with a range of treatments. The F&V samples
on which the selected whey sample was tested on were also treated with chlorine and distilled water, in order to compare the efficiency
of the whey against the chlorine sanitizer. The results found that the whey treatment will be used as a potential washing agent for F&V
to extend the shelf-life and maintain the nutritional quality during storage.

In short, these results will help resolve the problems of chlorine as a sanitizer for F&V.

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