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Project WHEYCOM:

European project in HORIZON 2020; II PHASE. Currently in development. It is the continuation of the European project WHEYSAN I PHASE.

WHEYCOM is about the use of an alternative product to chlorine in the process food industry for fresh fruit and vegetables. The product which is being developed comes from whey from the cheese industry, currently considered a waste and it is treated as a sub-product.

Logotipo proyecto WheysanLogotipo proyecto Wheycon

Bioscald Project

National project presented in MINECO (Ministry of economy and capacity). Programa Retos – collaboration. It consists on the development of mixed conservation systems, edible bioactive coatings and new systems of application for quality improvement and control of superficial blanching of pears.

Logotipo Fondo Europeo de desarrollo regional Una manera de hacer Europa


Regional project. In this project AGROFIELD takes part as the final tester. It consists on the application of techniques of micro-encapsulation of bio-pesticides and essential oils. Moreover, it also focuses on the study of its posterior applications in cold stores or other uses. As final testers, we will use cold thermo-nebulization and nebulization techniques to observe the behaviour of the formulas on the products used.



Recently AGROFIELD S.L. has obtained the innovator SME seal.
AGROFIELD, S.L. ha obtenido el sello de Pyme Innovadora

Horizon 2020 Coordinators’ Day

Agrofield participates in Horizon 2020 Coordinators’ Day on 26 November 2015 in Brussels, in project coordinators Phase II.
Jornada Horizon 2020 Coordinators Day

SME Instrument Horizon 2020

Agrofield participated successfully in SME INSTRUMENT Horizon 2020: key to the Phase II proposal, was invited by the University  of Navarra. The day was held on March 17, 2016 in Pamplona City, in the installations of University itself,  and was mainly aimed at business leaders of the area.  AGROFIELD, S.L. intervened with its experience in European projects, highlighting the Phase II project Horizon 2020: WHEYCOM, currently under development and financed by the EU.

Video de participación de Agrofield en Jornada INSTRUMENTO PYME de Horizon 2020

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